The beautiful mountain kingdom of Bhutan still retains the charm of the old world and has remained so throughout the centuries. Buddhist culture is alive and well, and it positively affects all aspects of life for the Bhutanese.

Visiting Bhutan for the first time is a uniquely rare experience. Nowhere else on Earth can you experience such rawness, such beauty of people and place. This glorious country with its fortresses, ancient temples and monasteries peppering the Bhutanese countryside, is something not to be missed.


Bhutan's Must Visit Highlights


The capital of Bhutan, Punakha, is where the history of Bhutan really unfolded. The gorgeous Punakha Dzong commands the river junction and is the most photogenic of all Bhutan’s ancient fortresses.
Just a short distance from the imposing Paro Dzong is the charming and historic town of Paro on the banks of the Paro Chhu river. Paro's main street is lined with colourful painted wooden shop fronts, which are most impressing.
Takshang Goemba is located near Paro. Better known as 'Tiger’s Nest', the famous Takshang Goemba sits on the face of a sheer dropping-off cliff. Sacred to the Bhutanese as they believe the father of Bhutanese Buddhism, Guru Rinpoche, landed here on the back of a tigress.

The religious festivals of Tsechu are held in the honour of the saint who introduced Buddhism to Bhutan. The Tsechu draws hundreds of people in a spirit of festivity, blessing, celebration and reverence and is one of the most impressive ways to discover the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan.

Best time to visit

October – May

Must See Highlights

  • Punakha, Bhutan's capital
  • The town of Paro
  • Tsechu festivals

Interesting Facts

  • Population: 742,737 (2012 estimate)
  • Land Size: 38,394 km²
  • Main Religion: Buddhism

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