Nepal, of course, is home to the Himalayas and was made famous by our very own Sir Edmund Hillary. Nepal is literally the spine of the world and Quality Journeys can take you there on a guided trip, as a private party or travelling as part of a group tour.

Landlocked between the soaring snow-capped peaks of the Himalayas and the marshy grasslands along the border with India, Nepal is a country of immense natural beauty. With fantastic mountain-trekking and breathtaking scenery, ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries, along with centuries of sacred history, Nepal is a destination that doesn't disappoint.


Places To Visit In Nepal

Boudhnath Nepal

You can choose to experience 2000-years-worth of history at Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, or explore the ancient trading town of Bhaktapur. Perhaps take a trip to the birthplace of Buddha in Lumbini or go to Chitwan National Park and track exotic local wildlife. Then there's the stunning architecture and Nepal's national parks with their stunning range of wildlife.

Or for the more adventurous maybe take a flight to the top of Nepal's majestic mountain ranges to soak up their incredible views. Quality Journeys can also organise trekking in the Annapurna and Everest regions of Nepal.

Nepal's Ancient History

From the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, Nepal is a little country with a big heart. With its gentle Buddhist people, centuries-old town and city centres with their many temples, national parks offering a wide array of wildlife, and some of the worlds most breathtaking natural landscapes, Nepal has proven irresistible to travellers from the west for decades.

If you'd like to travel to Nepal, the spine of the world, let's start talking. Quality Journeys can arrange guided group tours, trekking adventures as well as tailor-made ventures into the Himalayan kingdom.

Best time to visit

September to April depending on what you want to do.

Must See Highlights

  • The Himalayas (from the foothills to the top!)
  • Kathmandu (Nepal's capital)
  • Chitwan National Park

Interesting Facts

  • Nepal is officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal
  • Population: 26.5 million (2011 census)
  • Land Size: 147,181 km²
  • Main Religion: Hinduism (81.3%)

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