Quality Journeys is a New Zealand based boutique travel company specialising in tours on the Indian sub-continent: India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. From the moment you set foot in South Asia, throughout your stay and right up until you depart, you can count on Quality Journeys to plan and manage all travel arrangements.


Experienced & Knowledgeable In South Asia

We specialise in every part of the Indian sub-continent with passionate travel expert Raj Rathour as the driving force behind Quality Journeys. Having worked over two decades for the very best travel companies in India and New Zealand, Raj brings his vast travel industry knowledge and his own experience as an avid traveller to the company. 

Experience South Asia

Tailor-Made Travel In India, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Bhutan

We will help plan your journey, tailor tours, craft itineraries in South Asia. With Raj’s personal knowledge and understanding of the region, and his network of contacts in the countries you'll visit, you can be rest assured you'll have a comfortable, hassle-free and memorable travel experience.

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Beyond The Landmarks On The Indian Subcontinent

As the tagline 'beyond the landmarks' states, when you travel with Quality Journeys not only will you visit all the main landmarks but you'll also venture beyond the tourist trail to really discover what South Asia has to offer. Experience South Asia's vibrant cultures, exotic cuisines, music, and dance. You'll discover deep histories and view rich and beautiful landscapes and scenery, and all the wonderful and hidden gems unique to this very special part of the world.

Beyond The Landmarks On The Indian Subcontinent

The Booking Process With Quality Journeys

Quality Journeys specialises in making land arrangements to the destinations on the Indian subcontinent encompassing India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan. For international air tickets, transit stops, travel insurance and other arrangements it is recommended that you speak to your travel agent (our tours and services are also available through travel agents). Please ask your travel agency to get in touch with us.

 India, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Bhutan

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